8 Summit Road.JPG Our porch and a really cool bike.JPG
Entrance.JPG Front door.JPG
Dining room bay window.JPG Living room window.JPG
Living room and our new couches.JPG Steph says hi.JPG
Dining room hutch.JPG Dining room table.JPG
Dining room chairs, under construction.JPG Butler's pantry.JPG
Steph in the kitchen.JPG Kitchen.JPG
Kitchen corner.JPG Kitchen-rear door.JPG
Main bedroom.JPG Main bedroom doorway num. 2.JPG
A view from our bedroom .JPG Sink-n-tub.JPG
Our new throne.JPG Bathroom.JPG
Futon in the spare bedroom.JPG Spare bedroom.JPG
Steph on the back porch - BYE!.JPG